<Herkunft Zählt> Blaufränkisch layer set + free corkscrew

Blaufränkisch layer set + free corkscrew

Weingut Ernst

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The heart and soul of our winery, our three Blaufränkisch vineyard wines. Pure terroir wine, varietal and unadulterated. Aged in large wooden barrels, 500 and 300 liter oak barrels. 

The symbol of our motto: Origin counts

Our Blaufränkisch layer set includes:

4 bottles (0.75L) - Blaufränkisch Goldberg 2019
4 bottles (0,75L) - Blaufränkisch Hochberg 2018
4 bottles (0,75L) - Blaufränkisch Fabian 2018

+ free winery Ernst - corkscrew

Price per liter €17.5
Delivery time 3-4 working days
contains sulphites

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