Vinobile - Dahoam
Vinobile - Dahoam
Vinobile - Dahoam
Vinobile - Dahoam
Vinobile - Dahoam

Vinobile - Dahoam

Weingut Ernst

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"Vinobile Dahoam - our offer as a small replacement" 

vintage always the current vintage for each wine
grape variety various grape varieties
alcohol 12,5 - 14,00 %
category Red wine - white wine - rosè wine
contains sulphites Price per liter €8.89


Vinobile for home

If you can't go to the Vinobile, then it's even nicer when you're at home 

For this I have put together a serious Vinobile package for you. 

On Grüana and something sparkling for the garden or for the terrace and if it's going to be in Obat, then something fine red is welcome. At Zweigelt and at Blaufränkisch Deutschkreutz homma do innesackt. By the way, Üsre two Rotwi are welcome chilled (approx. 15° degrees) to the Grillta or oafach so gnossa wörra.

I'm happy if we can all see it live and then a good glass with a taste and a drink. 

Until then, let's do the oagana Wikeller SERIOUSLY good and don't forget: never drink alone 

Our Vinoble set includes:

3 bottles (0.75L) - Grüner Veltliner 2020 
3 bottles (0,75L) - Blaufränkisch Rosé Frizzante
3 bottles (0,75L) - Zweigelt 2019
3 bottles (0.75L) - Blaufränkisch Deutschkreutz 2019