Cooler Blaufränkisch 11 + 1 Free

Cooler Blaufränkisch 11 + 1 Free

Weingut Ernst

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"Blaufränkisch Deutschkreutz: A wine that clearly shows its origin."

vintage 2019
grape variety Blaufränkisch
alcohol 14,00 %
optimal drinking temperature

14 - 16 °C
category red wine
contains sulphites Price per liter €10
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Red wine drinkers don't have to do without their wine enjoyment in the old women's summer. 
Dare to chill red wines like our Blaufränkisch Deutschkreutz. When the temperatures are still pleasantly warm, it can be up to 16 degrees to which you can temper your good drop. The wonderful September days can be enjoyed very comfortably with red wine! Well then, to a "chilly" day on the terrace - Cheers!