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Originals and no copies. Wines that clearly show their origin. No wood-dominated, over-concentrated tannic monsters, but truly profound wines of elegance and finesse from Burgenland.

Grapes are harvested exclusively by hand into small cases and are sorted in the vineyard. Our winery employs a number of winemaking methods including fermentation in open vats. This was common practice in Deutschkreutz for hundreds of years until it was replaced by modern methods and technology.

I only use classic methods in order to fulfil my mission statement! No concentration of the must, no use of wood chips, no synthetic tannins, no cultured yeast or bacteria. All of my wines undergo spontaneous fermentation, are aged on the lees and are unfiltered depending on the vintage.

Ernst Winery – a real garage winery. Great products come out of our garage. Just as Guns n' Roses or Nirvana, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, we’re also aiming for the stars.